Lucy Philip is freelance photographer based in London, and Brighton, UK. She graduated from The University of Brighton with a First Class Honours in BA (Hons) Photography. 

Through fine art, fashion photography, and portraiture, her work focuses on the profound connection between our sense of self and our surroundings. In the interplay of landscape and identity, she strives to create a multifaceted and complex exploration of the human experience. By reflecting on the beauty and complexity of the human condition, she seeks to create a more nuanced and emotionally resonant understanding of our relationship to the world around us.

Recent projects include her work with fashion brand TOFFs Retro to create a campaign for their rugby and football shirts, as well as personal projects such as 'Transcendence' (2023), and 'Seeking Solace' (2022/23), which focus on challenging existing narratives around landscapes through the use of exploratory post-production methods in order to reveal both personal and collective psychological truths, as well as 'Radical Beauty: The Man Who Changed The World' (2019/20), a fashion editorial which explores the influence and impact of David Bowie on fashion culture.


BOUNDLESS: The University of Brighton, Brighton, UK. 2023

Indigation: The University of Brighton, Brighton, UK. 2021


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